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"Embracing Eastside Pride with the Love of Christ"


The North Eastside is home to Oklahoma's largest African American community. While being deeply rooted in the black history of Oklahoma, from the Deep Deuce Jazz Festivals to the annual Martin Luther King and Juneteenth celebrations, it has also contributed to Oklahoma's rising statistics of gang violence, teen pregnancies, drug and alcohol abuse, mass incarceration, poverty, and single-parent homes.  As a matter of fact in the school's that we serve in Northeast Oklahoma City, 98 percent of student are on free lunches. 

This makes the ministry we do in Northeast Oklahoma City not only important but necessary. We seek to engage our students in Christ sharing relationships with caring adults through our campus clubs, community center, neighboring churches, and community partnerships. We aim to build meaningful relationships , wholistic development, and love on a community that's in need of hope. We seek to embrace "Eastside Pride" with the love of Christ.  


Capitol Hill
Capitol Hill

"combining healthy relationships with creative programs to help young people make good choices"  

Derrick and Alesha

Derrick and Alesha

A Brother and Sister’s Story of Hope

An Uncommon Relationship

An Uncommon Relationship

Jasmine & Chamise

The "little" things

The "little" things

The story of Douglass HS student Ryan Peachlyn

3222 SW 119th

Oklahoma City, OK 73170
Tel: (405) 942-2771
Fax: (405) 947-7007

Marcus Jackson

Campus Director | Youth for Christ East Oklahoma City

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