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"Next generation leadership begins today"


Youth for Christ Suburban (YFC) deals with many complex issues such as broken homes, drug and alcohol abuse, suicidal and depressive thoughts and many more complex issues. To save this generation from a life of  purposeless existence YFC strives to invest deeply in the individual lives of students by connecting with them one-on-one.


This generation has been given so much and will have some of the greatest opportunities to attend colleges and live the so called "American dream”.  We are seeing a cultural shift that is at a tipping point towards secularization. We desire to invest in a Christ centered worldview that will stabilize their lives, future families and in return encourage them to mentor future generations. Help us reverse any trends away from God by investing in those that will be leading us forward.   

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"combining healthy relationships with creative programs to help young people make good choices"  

Deer Creek MS
Peidmont HS

3222 SW 119th

Oklahoma City, OK 73170
Tel: (405) 942-2771
Fax: (405) 947-7007

Russell Migl

Area Director | Youth for Christ Oklahoma City / Suburban

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